Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grateful to be a Mom!

Eleanor asked me last night to wake her up this morning, so she could make me breakfast. So when I woke up this morning, I asked Matt to wake Eleanor up to help her make me breakfast. Eleanor was happy to get up and follow through with her plan. I enjoyed delicious scrambled eggs and toast in bed. My first breakfast in bed. :-)

I opened Eleanor's gift that she made for me at Activity Days.
 This is the cute bag it came in.

 When Emily got up, I opened her gift from Activity Days.
 And her cute bag

I love my new bracelets!

 I had a good church day. There were changes made in the Branch Presidency today. Greg Dalton & Justin Millis were released as counselors. Justin was called back in to be the 1st counselor and Don Ekohla is now the second counselor. Greg Dalton is now the Executive Secretary. The children did a great job singing "I often go walking." Poor Alea (one of our primary girls) was in the bathroom when the children sang and she missed it. :-( My Dad gave a great talk! I taught the Sunbeam class (age 3, plus Kate) and we had a fun time talking about our hands. The kids made their Moms a card with their hand prints traced on it.
Noah's coloring is very impressive! He colored his brown because it is a garden glove.
 Kate's cute envelope

The kids had fun coloring and they did a great job. :-)

We had a nice afternoon with my parents & my grandmother. I wanted to get pictures of me with the kids in our church clothes, but my camera battery died! I did get a picture of Emily at church for the birthday board.
 Emily made me this sweet card.
Matt found the perfect card for me, which was sweet.

I hope all the women reading this had a great Mother's Day, like me. :-)

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