Thursday, May 03, 2012

Emily is ELEVEN!

Emily started her birthday this morning by opening her card from Jerry & Judy Booth. Then she got ready for school and went to school (not too exciting). Although Emily's music teacher had the class sing Happy Birthday to her and Emily's friend Ansley gave her a gift. :-) Plus, she had no homework due to testing this week. After school, I bought Emily an ice cream at the Dairy Port.  We then headed over to my parents' house where the kids relaxed for a bit.  Zoe was at track practice.  My parents took the day off to celebrate their anniversary (HAPPY 43rd ANNIVERSARY!).  They took Emily & Zoe to Governor's for Emily's birthday dinner.  Matt was traveling back from Portland at this time and the rest of the kids & I went to Eleanor's practice.  

It looks like Eleanor will hit this ball, but she didn't. I think she is going to be a strong player, but she hasn't found her groove yet. She is the most excited out of the 3 oldest girls to play softball. :-)
We finally gathered at 7:30pm with my parents & grandmother to watch Emily open her gifts and to eat yummy ice cream cake. A fact about Emily is that she hates frosting, so she gets one cake out of the entire year that she actually likes on her birthday!
Emily is excited that she has a new mp3 player that will play videos and she has the last 2 Harry Potter movies! Emily's birthday celebration is not over since Grandma & Grandpa's package hasn't arrived yet. How fun for the excitement to continue! :-) We love you Emily! We hope you have a fun year being 11! Your last year in Primary!

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