Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Surprise & Zoe's Last Track Meet

I was flipping through our recent conference edition of the Ensign this morning when I saw familiar faces!  What a surprise!

Sarah, Jon (Matt's brother),Sam, Kerri & Jacob (who will be leaving for his mission in just a few weeks!)

Zoe had her last track meet today in Bucksport.  She beat her best time in the 100m.  Yay Zoe!  My Mom showed up in time to see Zoe run the 200m.

Both my parents and Matt saw Zoe run the 4x100 relay.  Matt drove from work to watch the relay and then he went back to work.  He is a great Dad! 

I was a bit distracted as I took the relay picture.  Zach, Kate & Noah had found a dog to love.  The owner let them take the dog for a walk.

I told them to stay close, which of course they did not do.  After the relay, we walked back to the spot where the owner had been.  I saw the owner, but then she disappeared.  I looked all around, but I couldn't see her anywhere.  Weird.  After awhile, I started to wonder if this owner was really an angel and she had given my kids what they most desire!  I wasn't going to leave with the dog, so I continued to search.  Zoe was waiting for us by the car and Emily & Eleanor would be done their softball practice, which was just across the road (How sweet was that?!), so I wanted to get going.  I was getting annoyed.  Who lets young kids that they don't know take off with their dog and then mysteriously disappear?  I FINALLY spotted the owner up in the bleachers.  She had forgotten about her dog.  I really can't be mad at her because I am very capable of doing the exact same thing. 

You can't tell from these pictures, but Noah was covered in mud from rolling down a hill that had mud at the bottom!

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Kris said...

That is a great picture, isn't it! I love it.

I could totally forget about my dog, too! :) Always embarrassing when someone calls to say they have my runaway dog...that I didn't realize was missing (that has happened several times!)

I'm glad Eleanor had a great birthday! Happy late birthday Eleanor and great job girls on your many athletic endeavors.

I'm also glad you came to peace with the financial thing - good to find out, not just always wonder what it was - also good to not hand over any money! :)

Have a great weekend!!