Friday, May 25, 2012

Camp Bravo

Zach stayed home from school today with an earache, which means he missed his field trip to see "Charlotte's Web" at the Alamo and he is missing the family camp out at camp Bravo. :-( His ear hurt this morning, but it has felt fine the rest of the day. He knew he was going to miss out on these fun activities, but he still chose to stay home. I did take him down to Camp Bravo to eat dinner and dessert. This is how the kids looked before dinner.
Food makes for a happier people!
Dessert makes us even happier!
Everyone came in to the house after we ate to get ready for bed. Zoe was appalled by this! Camping means wearing your clothes to bed, going to the bathroom in the woods & not having to brush your teeth! Not at camp Bravo.
Zach is in the living room, laying in his sleeping bag and playing on my Xoom. His camp is inside for the rest of the night.

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