Thursday, May 10, 2012

A rainy day with a bit of sun

Noah & I spent some one on one time together this afternoon while we took my grandmother to her doctor's appointment.  My Xoom is a great time filler for a 3 year old. :-)

Zach has been asking me to talk to my Mom about spending the night tomorrow night, so he can watch Harry Potter again.  The boy is addicted!

My Mom & I went to Applebee's for dinner and then we went birthday shopping for Eleanor.  I also went into Old Navy to buy Emily jeans and flip flops with her birthday gift cards.  Hopefully, what I bought her will fit and she'll like them.

This is what Noah considers to be casual wear.
He picked out his outfit this morning and insisted on wearing the tie!

It rained all day today, but it stopped in time to have track practice after school and softball practice this evening. It worked out well that my Mom got out of work early and was able to pick Zoe up while I was with my grandmother.   

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