Saturday, May 05, 2012

Ron Paul's Chaos

That sums up the Maine State Republican Convention. This was our first convention (Matt, me & my mom) and it was quite eventful! We started about an hour late due to the amount of people that showed up. The voting for the convention committee secretary & chair took about 2 hours! It should have taken about 10 minutes! There were a lot of recounts and questioning. We never did get a straight answer about the number of delegates checked in matching the total # of votes. The question was raised many times! After we ate lunch at Subway and heard more grumblings about the count, we heard from Senator Susan Collins (who was scheduled to speak at 9:45am!).
Nominations for National Delegates to the National Convention took FOREVER! During this chaotic mess, we heard from the congressional candidates. Ballots for the national convention vote were handed out before they were supposed to, which caused more chaos. After much debate, it was decided that new ballots would be made up while the counties held their caucuses. We were planning on voting for the national convention delegates and then skipping out on the caucus, but this changed our plans. We went to the caucus, which was held in a super hot room with few chairs. More chaos. After a few more hours, we were FINALLY able to vote and leave...about 3 hours later than expected! Matt & I enjoyed witnessing this madness and we enjoyed being a part of the convention. I wish we could attend tomorrow. My Mom on the other hand did not enjoy this at all and will never go again! We saw some people at the convention that we know like Jeff, Rose & Lily Ellison. :-) We stopped at Friendly's to eat dinner on our way home. Why not end the day with more waiting? We were seated with a warning that the kitchen was backed up and there was no time estimate of when we would get our food. We anticipated a super long wait, but the waitress took our order and our food came about 25 minutes later. Not bad. Matt wasn't feeling well, so he didn't order anything to eat. He is so awesome to let my mom & I have our Friendly's moment since we don't have a Friendly's close by anymore. Yes, I have a great husband!

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