Sunday, May 20, 2012


We went to church today in Rockland with Matt. They had their unit conference. We sat with Anne Dalton, who is in the Stake YW Presidency. The kids were a bit nervous about being visitors in Primary, but they all went to their classes without a fuss. Zoe felt neglected as Matt & I got the kids to their Primary classes, but fortunately Anne was close by to help Zoe find her class. My kids enjoyed their day in Primary so much that they are ready to ditch Ellsworth and head to Rockland every Sunday! They had special snacks and treats, contributed to the good behavior jar, and enjoyed the creativity during Singing Time. I'm glad they had such a fun time! Cheryl Crabtree, our Stake Primary President was very impressed with how well my kids know the songs that they will be singing during the Sacrament Meeting Presentation. We are still practicing every morning. :-)

We ate lunch in the kitchen after church. Anne came in to visit before she left and Jared & Deidre Boudreau came to talk with us as well. Then we went outside to enjoy the sunshine and wait for Matt. The drive to and from Rockland was so beautiful! It is such a pretty part of Maine.

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Dawn said...

Just today I changed my profile picture and timeline header on FB with pix from Maine last summer. It is so beautiful. We'll be there for the golf tournament again in July - we're bringing Hayley with us this time. She is beyond excited.