Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling like a tourist

I went into the new house today to check out the nest. I haven't been in there since I discovered the nest. We have hungry baby phoebes in there. They were so cute poking their heads out, waiting for food. Zoe didn't have young women's this evening because Patti had her district school board budget meeting to attend. My Mom & I went to our school board budget meeting. I'm still reading through the numbers to see if I approve of the increase of my taxes for the school budget. At the meeting I voted no, but I will take a closer look at the numbers and make my final decision before voting in June. My Mom & I ate at the Harbor View Grille before the meeting. Matt & I didn't have a great experience when we went there, but I was willing to give it a second try. I'm glad I did. We sat outside, which was quiet, peaceful & beautiful! The birds serenaded us. :-) There are too many tvs on inside to have a peaceful meal. My food was better this time, too. This may be my Summer restaurant. It was fun to pretend that I was a tourist on vacation while I ate. :-) Matt took Emily & Eleanor to Activity Days this evening. I think they painted pictures of flowers and fish.

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