Friday, May 11, 2012

Do Moms know how to swing?

Kate was skeptical that I knew how to swing at the park today when I joined her and Noah on the swings. When they saw that I could indeed swing, they turned on Matt (who was not with us) and said that he can't swing. They will have that opinion until he proves them wrong.

Kate made a friend at the park. He is 5 and will start Kindergarten in the Fall, just like Kate. They played for awhile and then Kate came over to race with me & Noah. It was sweet when Kate invited her new friend, Logan to race with her and Noah. He was off to the side watching them when Kate saw him and asked if he wanted to race with them. Kate had a lot of fun playing with Logan and she hopes to see him again at school!

I love to walk for exercise, so the kids & I took advantage of our somewhat nice afternoon (rain showers were possible) and we went for a walk along the waterfront. Zoe stayed in the car and then she went and bought herself an ice cream at the Dairy Port. She met up with us after getting her ice cream because she locked herself out of the car. After our walk, Zach bought an ice cream with his money and I bought a pint of chocolate ice cream to bring home for the other kids. Emily doesn't like chocolate ice cream, so she had a different treat instead.

I took pictures of our rowing machine today. We want to sell it since Matt doesn't use it anymore and my body rebels when I use it. I hope someone will buy it and use it. It is just taking up space here.

Eleanor, Zach, Kate & Noah are spending the night at my parents' house tonight. It was Kate & Noah's turn, but Zach really wanted to spend the night to watch Harry Potter. So, my Mom ended up with all 4 of them. Zoe & Emily loved the way this worked out because they were able to watch part 1 of the 7th Harry Potter movie alone while Matt & I were on datenight.

Matt & I ate dinner at Pizzeria Uno where we used the gift card that I earned through my credit union. :-) We went over to the book store, which we haven't done in a very long time. Then we went to Old Navy to exchange Emily's flip flops for a bigger size. I rarely get shoe sizes right when the kids are not with me! Matt bought me a pair of capris for Mother's Day. So sweet! I plan on wearing them tomorrow since it is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's. Yay!

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