Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eleanor is 9!

Eleanor woke up feeling a bit sick because of her birthday excitement, but she felt better after she opened her card from Jerry & Judy and her presents from Grandma & Grandpa.
She loved her gifts and her stomach settled down, so she could enjoy the rest of her birthday. :-)

The kids eat school lunch every day, but Eleanor asked for a home lunch on her special day.  She got it!  After school, I took Eleanor shopping.  She wanted to pick out her gift instead of being surprised.
Eleanor has been wanting a Monster High doll for awhile now.  As far as I know, she hasn't seen the show, but she has friends at school who talk about it and who bring Monster High dolls to school to play with Eleanor.

We stopped at the grocery store, so Eleanor could pick out her cake.  She also picked out her birthday cereal (Frosted Flakes).
 The cake is actually a bunch of cupcakes. :-)

Eleanor, Zach, Kate & Noah ate dinner at McDonald's.  The rest of us ate Subway sandwiches.  Emily went to softball practice, so we waited for her to get home before Eleanor opened the rest of her presents.
 She received flip flops, which went perfectly with the beach gifts she received from Grandma. :-)

She received two more Monster High dolls!  Best Birthday Ever!

Eleanor was a happy birthday girl today. :-)  This was her last single digit birthday! 

We hope you have a great year being 9, Eleanor!  We love you!

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janerickson said...

Happy Birthday, Eleanor! That looks like a fun cupcake cake. It looks like Eleanor picked everything she wanted to make her birthday exactly like she wanted it. Just the way it should be!