Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday, April 3rd

Noah is finally getting better! His eyes looked much better this morning.

I made chocolate chip cookies this morning. I find it very relaxing to bake goodies while I listen to Glenn long as Zach and Kate are getting along well. I am thankful for soft sugar this morning! I have been using up hard sugar that I would scrape off enough sugar to use for a recipe, but now I am back to soft sugar. :-) It is much quicker and so much easier to deal with!

I think we had a very nice afternoon and evening. The older girls did their chores after school and then they had free time for a few hours. Zoe and Emily played with their American Girl dolls and we had the Strawberry Shortcake game going on the computer. I started playing this game today with Zach and Kate since Kate loves to be on the computer, but she doesn't know how to work the mouse yet. Now I'll have to keep playing the game until I make all the cookies that need to be made to complete the game. Eleanor brought home a rock collection that she started with her class at school. Emily loves collecting rocks (which I find all over the house), so she enjoyed looking at the rocks with Eleanor. We had hot dogs for dinner and then we all sat down to watch "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". Zach lasted through most of the movie and then he wanted to play his Nintendo in the bedroom. I thought the movie was pretty good. Matt and I watched the latest Bond movie after the kids went to bed. It was too fast paced for me and I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on. Then I fell asleep and missed most of the movie. Matt watched most of the movie, falling asleep for a bit, but he didn't care much for the movie, either.

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