Saturday, April 04, 2009

Thursday, April 2nd

I'm having fun using my "new" mixer. Thanks, Courtney! I made brownies this morning and we devoured them in the afternoon. Yum!

I took a couple of drawers out of the kids' dresser because they keep falling off the track and I was tired of dealing with them. Matt and I have both fixed them at least once, but they don't stay fixed. So, Kate discovered a new, fun place to play!

We'll try new hardware before we give up on the drawers completely.

I am ready for Noah to be well. He is still waking up with his eyes glued shut. So annoying!

I dropped Zoe off at Sunshine's for Activity Days and then I went to Walmart. It is so much fun to get out when I spend most of my days at home. I enjoyed walking around Walmart, even with my noisy, loose wheeled cart that I was too lazy to go back and exchange. Noah was content for almost an hour as I pushed him around the store. I visited with Sunshine for awhile before convincing Zoe it was time to leave. Zoe loves to play with Kai and Koa, which gives me a chance to visit with Sunshine as we hold our babies. We are all happy! For Zoe's activity this evening, the girls talked about money and budgeting and they were given $5 to spend on fabric to make a skirt, which they will start on the next time they meet. Zoe is very excited to make a skirt!

I finished my book this evening. I just loved the main character of this book, Miri. I'm going to miss her.

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