Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Monday, April 6th

We have another conference weekend under our belts. It's good to know that we are not the only family struggling to listen and to get our kids to listen during conference. It IS a long weekend, but a good weekend.

The excitement for the day was going to the dentist. Emily, Zach, and I had appointments to get our teeth cleaned. It's nice that our kids go to the dentist willingly, even Zach. I brought Zoe along to watch Noah, which was super easy for her since he slept the entire time.

Matt had pizza cooking when we got home. We are now a 2 pizza family. It's funny because some nights, 1 pizza is enough to feed our family, but other nights we run out of pizza before we are full. So we have decided to cook 2 pizzas from now on. Our first attempt at cooking 2 pizzas at once in the oven was a success. :-)

For FHE, we did the crossword puzzle about Joseph Smith that Zoe made during Activity Days. One of the questions was "What is the opposite of false?". Zoe was sure that Zach would know, but he didn't, so then she was sure that Eleanor would know, so she wasn't expecting Eleanor to answer "East?" when asked the question. Too funny. Eleanor had other cute sayings throughout the day, but I didn't write them down, so they are now forgotten. I need to do better at recording cute sayings right after I hear them.

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HeatherT said...

Eleanor sounds like a character!