Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Day of Sayings

Matt left early this morning to help Don, who is building a new house, and they went to a breakfast at Don's church. The kids watched the "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" movie again and they watched the bonus features. When I told Eleanor she could watch the movie she said, "That's what I'm going to say when my kids want to watch a movie...YES!" I tried to be productive this morning, but Noah was pretty cranky.

Zoe: "Hey, the snow is almost gone! It's almost Spring...well, it IS Spring, but now it's starting to LOOK like Spring!"

We all watched General Conference at my parents' home today. On the way over, I heard part of a conversation between Zoe and Emily.
Zoe: "I'm looking forward to "Grammie's house", but I'm not looking forward to conference. Conference lasts for 4 hours!"
Emily: "That's good."...I think she was meaning it was good that it was only 4 hours and not the entire time they would be at "Grammie's house".
Zoe: "No, Emily. 4 HOURS is not good."

The kids did well, considering 4 HOURS of conference. They always do better during the Saturday sessions. By Sunday, they are tired of coloring and being quiet. Can we really blame them? No, but that doesn't change anything. :-) Eleanor fell asleep toward the end of the 1st session. We enjoyed sandwiches and chips between sessions, and Zach and Kate got on Nickjr for a bit. Yay for them! They were so happy to watch Dora on the computer. I thought about kicking Zach off of the computer a half hour before the 2nd session, so I could start blogging, but mom and I ended up going to the grocery store.

Elder Hale spoke to me today. It was wonderful! I told Matt the talk was going to be our family talk to focus on until next conference. We will know the talk inside and out by October!

Matt left for the Priesthood potluck and for the Priesthood session of conference after the 2nd session. My mom is keeping all of the kids except Noah tonight. I am loving that!


Kris said...

I'm glad everyone is well again and you are having a nice conference weekend!

That's funny that the 'talk' was about bone health...

I like the picture of Kate in the dresser! it looks like a cozy hideout.

Gabriela said...

I love your header! It looks so nice.

Conference is always a struggle for us too. The kids did pretty well this time and actually listened attentively at times (not a lot of times, but some times).

And I love the picture of Kate in the dresser too-so cute.

Janae said...

Yeah for everyone well:)
Glad you had a nice conference weekend. We always struggle with the kiddos and conference. They did oK this year. I loved Zoe and Emily's discussion about conference on the way to their Grammie's.
I am glad you liked that book...There is nothing as fun as a very good book!