Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe

Zoe's homework this afternoon was to go outside and play and then write about what she did, so the kids dug out their bikes and had a great time in the sun...a cool, sunny day, but still enjoyable. Emily rode the micro 2 wheeler for a bit and was very proud about that. This will be the Spring/Summer she learns to ride a 2 wheeler.

When Zoe came inside she asked to have some candy, but I told her no since it was too close to dinnertime. Then she asked for a lollipop...
Zoe: "Can I have a lollipop since I didn't have one when you told me I could?"
Me: "I didn't tell you you could have a lollipop. When did I tell you that?"
Zoe: "Last week!"
I just laughed. She can still be funny at age 9!


Kris said...

Why do they remember every word of promises about candy, movies, etc.. but "can't" remember things we want them to?

I like that homework assignment!

Phae-Jae said...

What a fun homework assignment!

Gabriela said...

that's cute!

I totally agree with kris! My kids never forget a "good" promise I make to them.

Juan Carlos is turning 5 next week and it seems to be taking FOREVER for the day to actually arrive.

glad you are feeling better and that Spring is starting for you-it's fall here. not too fall-y though.

Janae said...

What a smartie to remember last week's promise!