Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 1 of Conference

The kids and I went over to my parents' home today to watch General Conference, while Matt stayed home sick. I thought the new way of sustaining our leaders was neat and all of the talks were uplifting as usual...from what I could hear anyway with 5 kids around. The kids did really well overall I think. Matt and I have made it a habit to watch all of the sessions of conference with the kids, so the older kids know they are expected to be quiet and they set a good example for their younger siblings...most of the time. And I think I am getting better at tuning out the noise that surrounds me to focus on the speaker. But I'm glad the conference talks are available to read in the Ensign because I do miss a lot as I'm up and down and the kids are all around me. But no kids, except for Kate, were around me this evening when I got home because they stayed the night with my parents. :-) It has been nice. Matt didn't feel well enough to go to the Priesthood session tonight, so we watched "Becoming Jane" after I put Kate to bed. I really enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed relaxing and spending time with Matt.

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