Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sign of Spring

The robins are back! We had about 10 robins on our lawn this morning. It is always fun to spot the first robin(s) after winter. Eleanor had a great time watching them. She was disappointed that I wouldn't let her go catch one. In another month we'll start seeing the hummingbirds. :-)

I was looking through the Friend magazine during lunch today and passed a nice picture of President Monson.
Eleanor: "Remember President Hinckley died and now we have a new prophet.
Me: "Yes, that's right."
Eleanor: "When will President Hinckley be alive again?"
Me: "After he is resurrected."
Eleanor: "That takes 3 days!"
It is nice to know that Eleanor gets the Easter message of the Savior being resurrected after 3 days. Now onto new lessons...

I like the General Conference activity that is in the April Friend on page 12. I hope our family will be able to listen carefully as President Monson talks this conference to come up with 3 things that he would like us to do. The picture of President Monson inside the frame is one that I look forward to putting up in our home. It is very nice and it will help remind our family of our new prophet and the 3 things that he has asked us to do.


Phae-Jae said...

I'm so glad you guys are seeing signs of spring!

Love the three day thought, too cute:)

Janae said...

Yeah for spring time:) love Eleanor's thoughts:)