Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tale of woes

I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom getting sucked into Webkinz world...or some other children's game. :-)

Matt came home early this afternoon, so I could go to my doctor's appointment. As of this morning, we were wondering how we were going to pay for my RhoGam shot that I needed to pick up before my appointment, but of course tithing blessed us again when Matt got a check in the mail from the state later on this morning. It is true what they say, "How can you afford NOT to pay tithing?". This year's experience of getting the RhoGam shot and then going to my appointment was a lot better than last year's. Last year, the doctor's office forgot to call in the shot, so when I went to pick it up (at a pharmacy I never go to)the pharmacy had no information about it and I had to wait a LONG time for them to get in touch with the doctor and fill the prescription. I ended up being late for my appointment with the midwife in the office (not my usual OB) whose nurse never smiles and seemed rather annoyed that I was late, which had me concerned about her giving me a shot in that mood! But all went well and I saw the midwife...who always finds an issue that needs attention...but with my regular OB it wouldn't be an issue at all. Usually it's my eczema that concerns her, but last year she was convinced I needed another ultrasound, which I declined because of finances and really it wasn't necessary. So all of this was going through my mind today as I went to the pharmacy to pick up my shot (live and learn...I reminded the doctor's office a few days ago to call in my shot and I called the pharmacy today to make sure it was called in). During the brief time I was there, I noticed other people sitting around waiting and another person having an issue with prescriptions not being found...that pharmacy is always busy and I was happy to be in and out today. I went to my appointment where the same grouchy looking nurse called my name and gave me my shot and then the same midwife saw me. I wondered what issue was going to come up today and was pleasantly surprised that nothing had come up...until the very end of the appointment. She wondered when my last ultrasound was, here we go again! I told her it was in February, I don't need another one, I can't afford another one, and she agreed with me, but then asked me how big my biggest baby was. I said 8lb 14oz and then she got concerned. Why, I have no idea. I don't think that's a huge baby and all but Emily were 8lb something, Emily was 7lb 14oz...and my babies are always overdue! She recommended another ultrasound to keep an eye on the size of this new baby. I did a mental headslap. I really shouldn't have been surprised, it's always something with this midwife. She told me I could discuss it with my doctor at my next appointment in 3 weeks, which I told her that was a great idea...and then she wrote a note to the doctor and told her nurse to put the file on the doctor's desk for him to look at. Good grief. So after all this rambling, I'll let you know that the baby and I are doing well.

We ordered Chinese food for dinner this evening. I called it in and Matt went to pick it up. He brought it home and as I was emptying out the bag, I wondered where our appetizers were. Then as I started opening the containers of food, I saw food that we didn't order. Hmmm...whose order did we get and who has our order??? I called the restaurant and they knew immediately who I was and apologized for giving us the wrong order and said they had our order there if we'd like to pick it up...again. Which Matt did AND we got to keep the other order, which gave us the opportunity to try some things we have never had before, which were all very good. The bad thing about all this was we only had a certain amount of time to eat before I was leaving with Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor to go see the play "Annie" that the 5th-8th graders in Orland were putting on. We did have enough time to eat, but I felt rushed, so it wasn't as enjoyable. Oh well, it was still good and we got to the play on time and it was really good. Eleanor kept asking questions during the play and Zoe kept telling her to "shhhh!" It was pretty funny. We all enjoyed ourselves, so I'm glad we had money to go. :-)

Matt isn't feeling well this evening. I hope he doesn't come down with what I had last weekend.

Kris, we're thinking of you!


Kris said...

Thanks, Joey.

I do hope this weekend will be better than your last!!

Janae said...

It sounds like one of those busy, crazy, days...but fun! I am glad you got the extra food but, sad Matt had to fun for it twice. I am glad the play was fun:)