Monday, April 07, 2008

Day 2 of Conference

We have survived another weekend of conference. I wondered last night if today the kids would be louder during conference since they were so good yesterday. Yes, they were louder! Kate & I went over to my parents' home for the morning session of conference. Matt is feeling better, but he's still not 100% better, so he stayed home to rest some more. In the past we have gone to church for the morning session on Sunday to make it seem more like a Sunday, but the last few conferences we have opted not to because that is a lot more work than just watching it at home on the computer or at my parents' home. But being at my parents' home today, the kids treated the day like any other, instead of the Sabbath, except for not being able to watch the tv or movies that they do any other day. The kids were WILD! I was ready to sell a few by the time we loaded the car to head home for the last session of conference. They were a bit more mellow when we got home, so the change of atmosphere was a help. But they were still tired and I was tired. I sent Zoe to bed with her siblings this evening because she needed the extra sleep and I needed the break.
Kate fell over with a tray table at my parents' home this morning and pinched her little finger. That was right in the middle of President Monson's talk. Her finger is fine, but it took her awhile to settle down. I will enjoy reading all of this morning talks next month, since I heard very little today of what was said. I did hear most of the talks this afternoon at home...with Zach pointing to my mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and hair through some of it and then Zach wanting me to draw pictures of a cat, then a snowman, then an apple tree over and over again. The girls kept busy with word searches and coloring pages, and Kate slept. I really enjoyed Elder Ballard's talk and President Monson's talk this afternoon. I plan on writing up Elder Ballard's remarks to the children about helping out at home. Maybe I'll read it to them every morning until we all have it memorized! I also enjoyed Elder Ballard's remarks to the husbands, but I don't need to write up anything for Matt because he is right on track. :-)


Kris said...

Bummer, I'm sorry you were sick Matt. Hopefully you'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow.

I loved the talks today too. It seems like I usually enjoy the Sunday sessions more; it's harder for me to be in the right mode on Saturday to listen as well or something! (Kind of dumb, I know...)

Janae said...

Conference is a challenge with children...I am glad I will be able to read the talks next month too:)

Kristy said...

During the 2nd session I gave up with my boys and let them watch a movie....that is probably being a bad Mom but I could not take them any longer and I wanted and needed to listen to conference. We have problems sitting through Sacrament every week so 4 hours is pushing it. I think my boys have way to much you are not alone in the fight!

mindyluwho said...

I don't miss the days when my kids were small and we would try to watch Conference. I know exactly how you felt! Thank goodness for the Ensign and for the archives when we can find a quiet place (hahaha) and read it again!

I loved Elder Ballards talk. I made a point to write down everything he said and to bring it up when we discussed what we learned later that evening. I think I'll frame it and put it in a prominent place where it can be viewed every day!!!