Monday, December 31, 2012

Memorable Moments of 2012

Our niece, Vikki was hit by a stray bullet while driving.
Zach & Kate both lost their 1st tooth on the same day.
Noah lost his 1st tooth when Dr. Rand pulled it out.
The Lady Bucks made it to the basketball tournament at the auditorium.
My Mom, Aunt Tonia, Patti & I went to Orlando, Florida for Time Out For Women.
The kids & I went to visit the Ellison's on Swan's Island.
Beach Hopping
I took the kids to Fun town/Splash town for the 1st time with my parents, Phil & Aly.
Zach got stung by a bee for the 1st time & discovered he is allergic to bee stings.
Kate started Kindergarten.
Patti, my Grandmother, Luzvie & I went to Springfield, MA for Time Out For Women.
We had a fun Halloween party.
Zoe went to Fright at the Fort for the 2nd time with Caitlin.
We went on a fun hike with the Battaline's on Thanksgiving.
We discovered Duck Dynasty.
Romney the fish & George the hamster came to live with us.
No ER visits!

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