Monday, December 24, 2012

Tomorrow is Christmas!

While watching "I want a dog for Christmas Charlie Brown", Noah heard that everybody has a dog.  He was shocked and complained, "Hey! Everybody in the world has a dog? We don't have a dog!"
Merry Christmas from our deprived children!
Eleanor, Kate, Noah &
Christmas Eve Dinner
Low carb ~ Terriyaki Chicken & lots of carbs ~ Lasagna!
We have had a busy Christmas Eve!  Sibling gifts & other gifts were bought & cookies were made!  We had a nice evening with my parents & my grandmother.  We ate lots of yummy food & we watched the Duck Dynasty Christmas special.  Then we came home to get ready for Santa to come!  We read about the Savior's birth, which reminded all of us why we celebrate Christmas.  We read The Night Before Christmas. Then we watched the animated version of the Grinch, our annual Christmas Eve tradition.
The kids are tucked in bed and I think they have all finally settled down for the night!

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