Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sick day for Eleanor

I stayed home from church with Eleanor today.  She has a bad cough and a sore throat.  We watched "Esther" and then I watched a Time Out For Women talk by Wendy Ulrich.  I took a nap while Eleanor made a paper tree for her fish and she wrapped a few presents for him.  Then she watched "Jonah and the big fish".

We went over to my parents' house for dinner.  My grandmother ate with us, too.  We had a yummy baked chicken.  It felt like Thanksgiving again!  Minus the pie.  I did make a chocolate pie on Friday for myself and the kids, but it was gone before the day was over.
Matt & the kids (except for Emily who was protesting) sang Christmas songs all the way home after dinner.  I enjoyed listening to the seranade.  :-)

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