Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Taste of Kindergarten

Noah & I spent some time with Kate today at school.  Noah fit right in!  We brought in my delicious sugar cookies for the special snack time.  There were several different kinds of yummy cookies to enjoy.  There were also fruits & vegetables & popcorn.  I was impressed with how well the children ate the healthy food as well as the cookies! 
While eating, Logan informed Noah that Kate & "her team" chase him around the playground.  Then Logan emphasized that Kate has a team!  It was so funny the way he said it!

We were only going to stay for snack time, but when we heard about the other fun activities going on, we decided to stay a bit longer!  Noah & Kate worked on a packet full of fun math and coloring before going into the conference room with the other Kindergarteners to watch Rudolph!

Noah loved his time with Kate this morning!

This is the first year that a student council has been formed for 4th graders.  Eleanor (along with the other 4th graders who wanted to be on the student council) wrote a letter to her teacher, Mr. Craven & to the principal, Ms. Ellis telling why she wanted to be on the student council.  She also had to write a short speech to present to her class.  3 representatives were picked from each classroom and Eleanor was one of them!  She is so happy about this!  Way to go, Eleanor!

Emily did a sweet layup during her home game against Emerson this evening!  She earned herself $1 from Matt.  Zoe made 2 baskets at her away game against Emerson and earned herself $2.  What a fun way to earn money!

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