Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A peak at our Christmas

Right before bed on Christmas Eve, I love to look at the lit Christmas tree with all the presents underneath.
It is a calm before the excitement!
 Santa Gifts


Mo...Zach's favorite WALL-E character!
Eleanor received 2 front row seats to a Celtic show at the Collins Center for the Arts in March!
Santa shops at Amazon?

A hamster...all the way from the North Pole!  Emily has named him Ollie.  He has not come out for a picture yet.
Kate has been asking for a baby book for awhile now.
Lovely scarfs from Great Grammie
Kate set aside her new art kit to open this Monster High Doll.  So many wishes came true this Christmas!

2013 Calendar
We love these shirts Grandma!
Zach, Kate & Noah received WALL-E shirts!

New Air Mattresses!  Goodbye green foam pads that leave fuzz everywhere!
I am writing this post on a new laptop from my parents!  WOOHOO!  Matt bought me a Roku, so I can watch a clear picture of Glenn Beck & BYU-TV on our big screen. :-) 
Matt is now enrolled in a welding class and he has $$$ to spend at Amazon. 
We have enjoyed spending this Christmas Day as a family with my parents & my grandmother.  We finished our day with a ham dinner at my parents' house.
I hope you have had a great Christmas, too!


Martie said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day! Merry Christmas, friend!!

Heather said...

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