Saturday, December 29, 2012

Handiest of them all

Our internet went down yesterday after our driveway was plowed.  Matt called our internet provider and they said they could come fix the problem next Thursday.  Thursday!  That is too many days without the internet!  So Matt went out and did his own temporary fix of the cable and we have internet again. :-)  Thank you college football for motivating him!
I'm in the process of creating a new blog, which captures what this blog is to me.  The new title will be Letters to Utah and you can continue to read about our family at  I'll start writing there on January 1st.  The blog will be under construction for awhile, so be patient with me!  :-)
This blog will go back to being 5 Too Many and it is going to be a blog about decluttering.  I'm excited about this new blog!  Monday - Friday of 2013, I am going to show one item or a group of items that I am simplifying.  My readers who are interested in receiving the item(s) for free can leave a comment telling me how they will use the item, along with their email address.  I will put their name in for a random drawing.  Readers will also be able to leave a link back to their own blog to show what they are decluttering for the day.  Links will earn my readers 2 chances to win the item of the day, if they are interested in it.  This blog is going to be so much fun!
So, I really need my internet to be working right now!


Mal said...

Cool idea, Joey! I have some friends who might be interested in it--I'll let them know!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mal!