Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Let's stay home

Noah & I talked about going to the children's museum today, but once we got home from dropping the kids off at school, Noah didn't want to go anywhere.  I had plenty to do around the house, so I was content to be home, too.  Plus, I knew I had a busy, late evening out, so it was nice to be home some of the day.

Zach learned how to read a map during cub scouts this evening & he played some fun games like freeze tag & dodge ball.
Zoe made a necklace at young women's.  Then she played basketball, while Zach & I waited for her.  I had a nice chat with Dinah, so I didn't mind waiting.  Zach was very patient considering that he was very anxious to leave and get dinner at McDonald's!

I am happy to be home again.  It is peaceful & quiet.  :-)

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Mal said...

I wish I had an at-home day yesterday! Playing ball last night was fun, but I had already been out and about more than usual so I was beat!