Saturday, December 15, 2012

Report Cards

Kate has adjusted to Kindergarten very well.  She is comfortable in school and gets along well with her classmates.  She loves to learn and she tries her best.  She is becoming a more confident risk taker as she is presented with new tasks.

Zach is a kind and conscientious student.  He is reading a bit above grade level with good comprehension.  He enjoys a variety of books.  Zach seems to enjoy writing and is never at a loss for good ideas to write about!  Zach is doing well with addition and subtraction facts to 20.  In Social Studies/Science/Health, Zach demonstrates he is learning new concepts, contributes to class discussions, participates in activities and seems to enjoy the topics.

Eleanor is reading above grade level.  She always works hard and does her best.  She does not ask many questions in class, but if asked specific is usually on target with the answer.  Eleanor's behavior in class is always within expectations.  She is always a positive member of her class.
Language Arts ~ 94 (A)
Reading ~ 94 (A)
Spelling ~ 84 (C)
Math ~ 88 (B)
Social Studies ~ 80 (C)
Science ~ 88 (B)
Music ~ 95 (A)
Art ~ 99 (A)
Physical Education ~ 95 (A)

Math ~ 94 (A) ~ Emily has a strong number sense which allows her to grasp new concepts easily.  She always completes her homework and pays attention in class.  (Teacher ~ Merriam)
Language Arts ~ 95 ( A) ~ Emily is a very strong leader.  Her written responses are usually both thoughtful and detailed.  It is a pleasure to work with her!  (Teacher ~ Cooper)
Science ~ 96 (A) ~ Emily thoroughly completes her assignments and is enthusiastic and inquisitive about the ideas presented in class.  (Teacher ~ Mrs. Williams)
Social Studies ~ 93 (A) ~ Emily has worked very hard at learning how to use an atlas to identify geographical features.  Her maps are usually accurate and she'll continue to work on her neatness.  Her participation in classroom discussions has increased throughout the term. (Teacher ~ Merriam)
Physical Education ~ 99 (A) ~ Emily is an excellent student and a pleasure to have in class. (Teacher ~ Frost)
Music ~ 95 (A) ~ Teacher...Birmingham
Health ~ 99 (A) ~ Teacher...DeRedin

Math ~ 100 (A) ~ Zoe is one of my very best students.  She is very talented and her effort matches her natural skills.  She works very well with those around her and is a great influence to the rest of the class. (Teacher ~ Boynton)
Algebra ~ 97 (A) ~ Teacher...Boynton
Language Arts ~ 98 (A) ~ Great student and a great addition to our class. (Teacher ~ Patterson)
Social Studies ~ 99 (A) ~ Teacher...Gauvin
Science ~ 100 (A) ~ Zoe does a terrific job in science. (Teacher ~ Mr. Williams)
Physical Education ~ 100 (A) ~ Zoe is an excellent student and a pleasure to have in class. (Teacher & Basketball coach ~ Frost)
Spanish ~ 99 (A) ~ You were graded on completion of assignments, projects, final quiz and class participation.  It was a pleasure having you in class.  You are a positive role model for peers.  Good luck in high school! (Teacher ~ Fiveland)

Well done Kate, Zach, Eleanor, Emily & Zoe!  We are proud of you!

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