Sunday, December 16, 2012

Looking more like Christmas

Matt bought our Christmas tree on Friday.  Noah & Zach were a bit unsure about Matt's choice at first.
When the netting came off, they were happy with the tree.  I love our tree! 
We decorated it yesterday.

We are still counting down the days 'til Christmas and we're excited that it is 9 days away!

Zoe & Emily had games on Thursday against Brewer.  Brewer has tough, fast aggressive teams!  We lost both games.

Man Camp was Friday night with Matt, Justin, Dustin & Jason.
 Jason had to leave early due to health issues and he spent most of the next day in the hospital!  The first casualty of man camp.
 Saturday evening was our branch Christmas party.  Lots of yummy food, great company & a fun nativity play!  The young women helped decorate on Thursday evening.
 Noah entertained himself & us!  He was a cute shepherd!

 Zach was the inn keeper, but we didn't get a picture of him.
 The angel Gabriel (Emily) & Mary
 Eleanor was the narrator.
 Samuel the Lamanite (a Book of Mormon prophet prophesying of the Savior's birth)
 Kate was an angel.
The fun CTR bracelets the children received after the play.
It was a fun & sweet evening!

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