Monday, December 10, 2012

Owl Sightings

One night last week, my Mom saw an owl sitting in the middle of the road. As she drove closer to the owl, it flew off into the woods. My Mom was amazed at the wing span of the owl. I bet it was an amazing sight!
This morning while getting ready for school, Zach looked out the window and spotted an owl!
I loved watching it turn its head from side to side.  It was such a smooth movement.
I thought it would fly away when I went outside to start the Yukon, but it didn't. I watched it as I wiped snow off the car.
I turned for a second and the owl was gone when I looked back. No sound of leaving. No trace of it anywhere. Thanks for visiting us Mr(s). Owl!

Scissor Sighting
 Noah doesn't like long sleeves, so he took it upon himself to get rid of them on this shirt!  I helped him after he got started.

And a random shot of our house progress.
It's nice to have some of the snow on the roof and not in the house!

Matt & I have been married 16 wonderful years!  I am blessed with such a great husband and I am grateful!  I love you Matt!

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Mal said...

Awesome shots of that owl. I wanna see one!