Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Progress on our roof has started!  Matt didn't get as much done today as he was hoping to, but I'm grateful for what did get done.  A huge thank you to the men who stopped by to help as much as they could and a huge thank you to the wives, too!
Zoe & Emily went out at 7am with Matt to start working on the house in the cold, cold weather.  Emily went to get her hair cut at 12:15 with my mom, but Zoe didn't come inside until around 1pm.  She soon discovered her swollen hands and fingers and then treated her frost bite.  :-(
I watched Finn, Ian & Claire, so Justin could help Matt.  The kids had a great time playing together!  Lunch time was a bit crazy as I made lunch for the kids and also made a separate lunch for the workers!

The first Saturday of December brings the parade of lights in Bangor!  My mom & I took all of the kids except for Zoe.  We have learned from the past that a 2 hour parade in the freezing cold is too much, so when enough was enough, we walked to the beginning of the parade route and watched the parade as we walked.  Santa was just starting the parade route when we saw him.  I wanted to park & watch the parade at the beginning of the route this year to get done sooner, but it didn't happen.  We have it figured out for next year, though.  One of these years we will figure out how to watch it from the car!  It is such a fun and beautiful parade!
My mom treated us to Burger King afterwards.  :-)

The countdown to Christmas has begun!  Zoe got the first piece of chocolate today.  Emily started our nativity scene.  Eleanor put the doll in the #1 bag, Zach opened the door on our advent calendar about Jesus, Kate picked the first Christmas coloring page to color (a reindeer) & Noah unwrapped a book.  He unwrapped one of our favorites, The Elves and the Shoemaker.  :-)

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