Wednesday, December 19, 2012

School Christmas Events

Noah & I have been to several school events today.  We stopped by Eleanor's class to hear Eleanor give her Around the World at Christmas presentation.  She studied and presented information on Mexico and she did a great job!  Then she came and sat on my lap while we listened to two other presentations.  One was on Finland and the other on Great Britain.  We each got a yummy cookie from the Finland presenter.  :-)

Then we went over to the Senior Center where we waited with my grandmother for Zach & all the 2nd graders to come sing to us.  They were so cute and they are great singers!

 Each of the 2nd graders were able to pick a piece of candy from a basket before they left.  While we were waiting for the 2nd graders, Noah received a piece of candy from a lady sitting at the welcome desk, then an older gentleman walked by Noah, grabbed the candy basket and offered one to Noah, then Noah grabbed a piece of candy from the centerpiece on the table, then he was given a blue candy cane before we left.  Oh, the joy of being a cute 4 year old!

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janerickson said...

Zach makes a handsome, lovable caroler. I would love to hear him sing!