Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas vacation has begun!

Noah & I had fun with Zach & his class yesterday during their party. 
 It was at the end of the day, right before vacation, so everyone was quite lively! :-)
 Instead of exchanging gifts, Zach & his classmates had a random drawing to pick a secret friend to be extra nice to for the week.  They were encouraged to be extra nice to everyone, so it would be hard to tell who their secret friend was.  I love this idea!  Each day, the kids did something special for their secret friend.  On Monday, they made a bookmark to give to their secret friend yesterday.  On Tuesday, they wrote a note to their secret friend and someone from a different class delivered the notes.  On Wednesday, the kids made a special snack in class for their secret friend, which they ate at snack time.  On Thursday, the kids made a card for their secret friend and then put it in the mail.  So, Zach will receive a card from his secret friend during vacation! Yesterday one by one, the kids delivered their bookmarks to their secret friend.  Zach's secret friend was Ian.  :-)

Zach was Longrie's secret friend, which was fun because they are good friends.

After school, we went to the Daigle Cabin for sugar cookie painting fun!

 I love how Jenn used to paint at this same table when she was a little girl!

There is so much excitement in the air for Christmas!
Poor Kate has been on the couch for most of the day with flu symptoms, though.  :-(

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