Monday, December 03, 2012

Home Day

I gave Eleanor one more rest day today.  Noah & Eleanor had fun relaxing together.
Zoe had a major Spanish test last week and she was one of a few who got 100+ on it!  The test covered material from 5th-8th grade!
Emily got her basketball uniform today.  Her first game is tomorrow in Ellsworth.  Look for #35!
Zach loves singing Christmas songs.  Especially, Jingle bells Batman smells, Robin laid an egg...
Kate wasn't grossed out by asparagus at dinnertime like most of her siblings were.  She picked yummy Dunkin Donuts for our treat tonight.  The motivator to eat asparagus!
Noah picked Twister for us to play this evening.  It's a fun game, but some of the kids always end up in tears when we play.  The treat usually makes everyone happy again.

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Kris said...

I hope Eleanor is all better tomorrow. Those sick days aren't all bad though (when they aren't TOO sick).

None of my kids would be willing to eat asparagus, I'm not even sure they would for a donut! Good job Kate! :)

Happy December, your traditions are awesome!!