Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perfected Sugar Cookies

I made 11 dozen cookies today with a bit of Noah's help.  5 dozen were delicious sugar cookies.  Go buy Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix, top with Pillsbury vanilla frosting, add crystal sprinkles & you've just made THE BEST sugar cookies!  I also made 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies from a tub of dough that my mom gave to me and I made 3 dozen cranberry oatmeal cookies from a tub of dough that my grandmother gave to me.  So, 11 dozen isn't so bad when the dough is mostly made and already made!  I made the cookies for our Relief Society meeting this evening.  I love getting together with the sisters in our branch!  Ariel Dauk has been in Florence Italy for a semester of college studying Art History.  She shared photos & some of the history with us.  It was amazing!  Then we sang Christmas songs and we had a cookie exchange.  There were so many yummy cookies to try!  I took one of each and brought all but one of them home.  My mom treated me & my grandmother to dinner at Governor's, so eating more cookies had  to wait.  We had some good laughs while waiting for our food.  My grandmother's trip to Bangor today had some hysterical moments!  I'm glad she had time this evening to share them with us.  :-)

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