Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend News

Friday night, my mom, Zoe, Emily, Noah, and I went to the girls high school basketball games. The end of the JV game was awesome! Our JV team is undefeated, but they were losing Friday night, until the last 10 seconds of the game. The crowd was very much into the game, which had Noah's bottom lip pouting and Noah was on the verge of crying, but then the game ended (our team still undefeated) and it quieted down. A lot of the crowd left, which made for more elbow room to watch the Varsity girls, who I think have only won one game this season, I think and they lost the game we watched. Zoe is learning new things every time she watches these games. She has a friend that is often at these games wandering around with a few other friends. Zoe never asks to wander around. She loves to watch the games! She has set a goal to be good enough to play JV and Varsity as a Freshman. If we can keep her practicing throughout the year every year, she just may reach her goal. I would love to go outside and go to the courts near the school to shoot baskets with her and I'll be more available to do that as Noah gets older.

Zoe & Emily spent the night with my parents Friday night, so my parents took Zoe to her basketball practice Saturday morning. They also signed Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor up for basketball practice in Orland (our neighboring town), which starts next Saturday. Our Saturday mornings for awhile will look like this:
8:00-8:45 Eleanor's Orland basketball practice (I'm looking forward to watching her play!)
9:00-10:00 Zoe's Bucksport basketball practice
10:00-11:00 Emily and Zoe's Orland basketball practice (I'll bring Emily to this practice from Zoe's practice, so she won't be late and then my dad will bring Zoe over when she is done, arriving a little late)
I'm thankful my dad is willing to help out with these practices! We've been participating in the Orland basketball program since Zoe was in Kindergarten and the coach is a favorite among all of us. He is great with the kids and he makes the practices fun.

I had a great Sunday School lesson prepared for yesterday...and then it snowed, so we only had Sacrament meeting. I will definitely save the lesson for the end of the year when we're supposed to give one of the lessons that we skipped. Now I'm back to square one preparing for the next lesson.

Matt spoke in Lincoln yesterday (about an hour and 40 minutes away). My mom was going to Lincoln yesterday as well for her Stake Primary calling, so they rode together in my mom's car and they took Zoe, Emily, and Kate with them. Friday night, Matt asked my mom to give a talk before him on Sunday, so even though it snowed, they were committed to go. My mom's talk focused on the song, "A Child's Prayer", so my mom had Zoe and Emily and one of her nieces sing it with her during her talk. I wish I could have been there to enjoy that. Lincoln had all 3 meetings, so Matt and the girls got home about 3 hours after we did.

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Gabriela said...

Wow-I didn't know your kids were so into basketball-that's cool!

Sorry about losing your tooth in your cereal!

(and as always, it always amazes me how much your mom helps you-that is wonderful!)