Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did I play basketball?

I played on the YMCA team in 5th grade (I'm pretty sure it was that grade). I was good enough to play for the all star team after the regular season, but then I fractured my finger doing gymnastics, so I never played on the all star team and I didn't play basketball again until my Freshman year of high school. I got into cheerleading more than basketball, but when I didn't make the cheering squad during my Freshman year, I played basketball instead. I didn't enjoy it because I lacked experience and for that reason I didn't feel like I belonged on the team. I skipped the last game of the season to go watch a cheering competition. I never played basketball again. I also never made the cheering squad. Softball was my sport. I played Farm League up until my Senior year of high school. I didn't make the Varsity team my Senior year like I had my Junior year. I think that's because I struck out every time I was at bat as a designated hitter my Junior year and I missed 2 weeks of the season to go to Utah for EFY.
I joined the diving team my Senior year and I was good at it (a judge gave me a 10,the highest score on one of my dives my one and only meet), but I ended up quitting after the first meet because it made me super nervous to dive in front of judges and a crowd and it wasn't worth it to me to be that stressed out my Senior year. And again, I didn't feel like part of the team.

So, if I had my school years to do over (thank goodness I never will!) I would continue to play basketball my 6th grade year instead of doing cheering, and I would join the diving team my Freshman year.

I love to shoot baskets and play knock out (I can get into a groove at times making foul shots, so that is super fun when I am playing knock out and winning :-) so I look forward to practicing with my kids.

Thanks Kris for giving me something to write about today!


Dawn said...

This is commenting on the mouse post - YUCK!!! Kristen would have a heart attack if that happened to her.

Once when we were much younger we had some company sleeping on our living room floor in sleeping bags. In the middle of the night, a mouse scooted across all 4 of them - it went under the washer/dryer - we put D-con in there and that was the end, but I always dreaded moving the washer/dryer when we moved. But there was nothing there.

Then there was the time Kristen was reading Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary. Ironically, she woke up in the middle of the night with a tiny, cute little mouse in her trash can - how??? Who knows?? Anyway, DC took the trash can out into the culdesac (in his underwear), on a full moon night, and let it go - it shot out of there across the circle. The next day my neighbor across the circle told me she had a mouse in her house. Oops!!

Kris said...

Thanks Joey! That's a lot of teams. Weren't we lucky to be young and get to try all those fun things... of course I didn't always fully appreciate it at the time. It will be fun to see your girls play basketball & play with them sometimes!