Thursday, January 15, 2009

A trip to the dentist

I went to the dentist today to get my broken tooth fixed. Matt came home to watch the kids and I was ALL BY MYSELF! Noah is eating enough solids now that we figured he would be fine for a few hours without me (at least I hoped he would be) and he was. The only thing he did was carry on the tradition of rolling off the bed when he woke up from his nap. I was impressed that he made it to 6 months old before rolling off. I was hoping he would break the tradition, but guess not. So anyway, at the dentist I had a decision to make about my broken tooth that turned out to be one of my baby teeth that has disintegrating roots. The tooth is not going to last much longer I am told. Putting a crown on it was not an option. I could have it filled, which in my dentist's words would be an "expensive patch" (about $200 and something) to last who knows how long. The best option long-term would be to have the tooth pulled and have an implant put in, but it was also the most expensive option estimating around $2800 and it would involve a specialist. Having the tooth pulled and leaving a space there was an option or having a bridge done, but the dentist didn't think that was a good option for me because my teeth by my baby tooth look good and he doesn't want to mess with them. I hated making the decision by myself, but I made the decision I thought Matt and I would both agree on and I was right. Whew. I had the tooth filled figuring this baby tooth has lasted longer than expected and it isn't giving me any problems, besides breaking, so I am counting on it lasting awhile longer. It looks better now than it did before without a silver filling showing. I love how the filling now looks the same as the tooth. My only concern during the filling was when my dentist was smoothing down my tooth, it felt like pieces of my tooth were flying around my mouth and I had visions of one going down my throat and choking me to death. That would be an interesting death don't ya think? The tooth is sore from all the drilling and pushing on it, but I'm glad it's fixed.

Matt's first e-bay sale was a huge success and the manual is off to it's new owner. It sold for $50! Matt asked me to mail his e-bay package for him when I was done at the dentist. It made for an interesting adventure since half of my mouth was frozen and it took a lot of effort to talk normally. The lady at the counter was super talkative and was giving me tips about mailing e-bay items, which was nice, but I just wanted to leave and go home.

I was annoyed while eating dinner that half of my mouth was frozen and I could barely taste my food, but now the numbness is wearing off and I am in pain. Time for some medicine and rest.


Courtney said...

who did you go to?

Kris said...

I'm so glad you got it fixed. And the ebay sale, that is exciting! Too bad you finished the Host already... it would be nice to take your mind off the sore tooth. Did you like it?