Friday, January 09, 2009

Not the end of the world, but upsetting

Zoe was devastated yesterday when she found out she couldn't go to Achievement last night. Matt had his High Council meeting last night and he had taken the Yukon, so I had no way to get her to church. Sunshine is now doing Achievement and they had a planning night last night. Zoe didn't miss anything fun, but she was still upset that she couldn't go. I'm glad she likes going to Achievement and I was bummed too that she didn't get to go, but that's just the way it was. We live in an area where the kids usually only see each other on Sunday, so these activities are important to strengthen their friendships and their testimonies. I'm sure Zoe thought I was the meanest mom yesterday. I sure felt like it depriving her of an opportunity to be at a church activity...but I think she'll turn out great anyway. :-)

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Courtney said...

appreciate it while you can! I'm sure it won't be long when she gets upset because you are MAKING her go to the activities :)