Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Own Musical

Zoe & Emily were constantly fighting with one another yesterday after school. I started singing "Love at Home". Emily chimed in with the word hate every time I sang the word love. They were in rotten moods! Then I sang "Kindness begins with Me". Eleanor was enjoying the songs as she swayed back and forth with me, but I was still getting scowls from Zoe & Emily. Then I sang "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam". By the time I started singing "I Lived in Heaven", Zoe and Emily were making up and smiling again. I couldn't help but laugh when everyone started singing the second verse to "I Lived in Heaven" together. It felt like we were in a movie and this was the happy ending to a scene with a rough beginning. It was great!

Remember when Zoe wanted to make a pillow case awhile back? Well, she FINALLY got to make one last night during Achievement. It is white and she wrote the "6 Be's" on it, which we learned last night that they have evolved into the "9 Be's".

Zoe made this pillow case all by herself and she is very happy about that! She did a great job and she enjoyed doing it. She was a bit disappointed that she didn't get to hand sew, though. She hand sewed this purse the other night for Emily by herself. She even put the button on!

I'm glad my bad attitude about sewing hasn't discouraged her from learning how to sew herself.

Zach & I made a bunch of paper hearts yesterday. He loves the letter H, so he wrote H and then wondered what letter to write next to it. So we now have a wall covered with red paper hearts that say "Hi" and Zach now knows how to spell a word. :-)

I am so happy that Noah likes his bed. He took a nap in it yesterday afternoon and he slept in it again last night. He only got up once last night to nurse! He woke up again a little later, but then he fell back asleep on his own. He is doing so much better than I expected!


Janae said...

Great post...I love your musical story! How wonderful that you could get the kids in a better spirit just by singing. I have tried that before, but people usually end up screaming at me and running off...oh dear.
i love that Zoe likes to sew. Ava LOVES to sew, even though I can't sew a lick.
AND, yeah for Noah sleeping so well in his own bed! That is some serious celebration. There is nothing better than getting to actually sleep at night:)

Dawn said...

Great work, Zoe!!

I am so glad that your will to live is coming back. That's a good feeling!!

Anonymous said...

You know a fail-proof way to cheer someone up like that - just ask my brothers and Alexa - any one of the following songs:
a) "It's the end of the world" (I like to substitute the kid's name for "the" - adds a nice touch) This is particularly good for one kid complaining about stupid things.
b) "Put on a Happy Face" from Bye-Bye, Birdie. Classic.
c) My Mum's and my particular favorite: "Integrity" by Janice Kapp Perry with a couple marshmallows stuffed in our mouths. (Plus, it gives you an excuse to keep marshmallows with you at all times.)