Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Matt & I have been playing "Black Magic" and "Snaps" with Zoe. It drives her crazy that she hasn't figured out how to play either game.

Snaps is the game, the game is snaps.
My name is Joey.
Snap (pretend I'm snapping my finger)
Snap Snap Snap (pretend I snapped my finger three times)
Noah is rolling around.
Snap Snap (pretend I snapped my finger twice)

Do you know the answer?

P.S. Zoe reads my blog, so don't let her know how to play. :-)


Ave said...


Janae said...

I'm just as stumped...
sounds interesting...
tell Zoe she is not alone in being stumped!

Kris said...

Yeah... I don't get it either, Zoe. Don't feel bad. It's nice to know Matt has someone else to tease and torment now - I still have flashbacks.

I hope things get better for Eleanor! Wouldn't it be great to be 'a fly on the wall' and see what REALLY goes on at school?! I would love it.

Katie said...

Hmm, interesting. You will have to explain, We used to play a game similar to that where we would write in chinese using spoons. I love to watch people try and figure it out!! Good luck to Zoe!

HeatherT said...

I'm stumped too. Can you give us another example?