Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Testament Mystery Night

Here's a summary of our activity, Marilou. It was a lot of fun!
Our Seminary students and teacher (Tiffany Dauk) were in charge of an activity we had last night. They had us fill out a questionnaire after church last Sunday with questions like...
Name a book in the New Testament
Name a city in the New Testament
Name a parable
Name a food or drink that is mentioned in the New Testament
Name one of the original 12 apostles
Name one of the current 12 apostles
Name a miracle Jesus performed
Name a modern day Temple
Name a prophet who foretold the Savior's birth
What is the Primary's favorite song?
What is a popular snack for kids in Sacrament meeting?
Name a talent shown in Sacrament meeting (sleeping was a popular answer!)
What is President Dauk's favorite hymn?
What is the favorite hymn of the Ellsworth Branch?

Last night, we each got a card with a name of a city on it before we were allowed in the gym. We had to find the table with our city's label. Matt and I were at the same table (Jerusalem) with Zoe, Anne & Greg Dalton, and President Dauk. Emily was in Bethlehem. The younger children went with Sunshine to color and play. The first activity we did was a scripture chase. We had Bibles without cheater tabs and Tiffany called out a scripture or scripture reference to find. Anne won a couple for us. I was never good at scripture chase and that has not changed! Then we played "City Feud" where the answers to the questionnaire were used. I love the game "Family Feud", so I really enjoyed this activity. I slapped the table first to answer what hymn is President Dauk's favorite and gave the correct answer of "If You Could Hie to Kolob", but apparently most of the members in our branch slept through his talk about his favorite hymn because it wasn't one of the top 3 answers. So we didn't get control of the board...even though I was right. We did win the game, though. We got a card that had Matthew 5:14-16 written out on it and a candle was given with it. After the game, Lily read a scripture about the bread of life and then bread was brought to each table, then a scripture was read about oil and oil was brought to each table to dip our bread in, then a scripture about baptism was read and water was brought to each table and then Tiffany explained that during the Last Supper Jesus and the disciples supped to explain our soup. There were several different varieties of soup on a table behind us. A video about the Savior played while we ate and visited with one another.


ML said...

That sounds like a great activity! Thanks Joey!

Anonymous said...

That does sound cool! I like the food part... that sound particularly awesome. I love things like this 'cause I know it gets pre-seminary students excited about going.

HeatherT said...

That sounds really fun! It makes me miss the Ellsworth branch.