Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to School

The girls are back to school today! We all got up on time this morning and the girls were happy when they left, especially Eleanor. Eleanor tolerates vacation. She would much rather be in school!

I would like to get some organizing done in the kids' room today. There are still some Christmas toys that need homes in their room and I've received some clothes for Kate and Zach that need to be put away. Noah has developed a cough, so I'm not sure how well he's going to be feeling today and how much I'll actually get done though.

Zoe had basketball practice on Saturday and her skills are improving a lot. I think taking her to some of the high school games has taught her to be more aggressive rebounding and to look for ways to steal the ball when she is playing defense. When she rebounded the ball, she always broke away from the other players and headed right to the basket. She needs to work on her layups, but she definitely knew what she needed to do. She was fun to watch!

I took Zoe, Emily, Eleanor, and Noah to the Children's Museum on Saturday for a few hours while my parents watched Zach and Kate. The girls had a lot of fun and they look forward to going back again! They loved the dancing room, especially Eleanor. The diner was a big hit and the climbing tunnel to the egg is always a favorite. I think it would be fun to take Zach by himself and then Kate by herself sometime. They could wander around as they please and take as much time at an activity as they want. I'm just not sure when that is going to happen. I sure could use a Nanny around here!


Dawn said...

Yay for back to school! We're getting back to normal around here.

I wish we had a children's museum closer than Denver, which is 50 miles away.

Kris said...

That sounds like a fun museum! I hope you had a productive day... at least it was probably quiet(er)! My kids were happy to go back to school today too.

Kristy said...

I am so glad that the kids went back to school today! No more fighting.

Great job on losing weight! I need to do some of that this year.