Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trouble at school

You are very observant, Kris! My last post was written just after midnight because Noah had a power nap around 7pm and he didn't go back to sleep until around 12:20am. The great news is that he slept through the night and didn't get up until 10:20 in the morning! Now I know he is capable of sleeping all night long. He has been going to bed at 10:30, but last night he fell asleep at 8:45, which made it nice to have some of the evening to myself. I watched "PS I Love You", which I enjoyed, especially the ending. Matt watched parts of the movie and read. It is definitely a chick flick.

Eleanor is having a rough week. Her teacher had surgery on Friday, so she will be recovering for a week or two, which means there is a sub teaching. Eleanor loves school and looks forward to going, but on Monday afternoon she told me she wasn't feeling well and she probably wouldn't feel well the next day, so she was planning to stay home from school. She had also told me that a boy pushed her down at recess and she hurt her ankle again (she claimed she hurt it the night before and she put ice on it, but she was walking fine on it). Eleanor claimed being sick, but her actions were not consistent with her words. She was fine...something is going on at school. When she woke up yesterday, she claimed to be sick again, but we told her she was going to school. She sobbed and told Matt that the boy who pushed her down told her to bite down on a rock (I believed her), told her to eat some small rocks, so she did (starting to doubt), and her teacher told her not to go to school that day (don't believe her). She went to school and had a better day, or so I thought. She said the boy didn't push her down. Good. Then she talked about how she joined the boy and went around finding "bad kids". I don't remember how she exactly worded it, but when she was done talking and left the room Matt asked, "Did she join a gang?" It sure sounded like it. I just talked with the secretary at the school and the kids didn't have recess on Monday because of the cold weather. Interesting. The sub and Ed Techs who supervise at recess are going to be told of my concerns and what Eleanor has been claiming. I think she is having a hard time because of the sub. I was just told that it will be closer to a month before her teacher is back. Ugh.

Eleanor earned about 10 strikes yesterday. She mopped the floor (cleaned the floor with a wipe) and put away dishes before bed. I hope she has a better day today, especially since she only has a half day of school (along with Zoe & Emily) and she will be home most of the day.


Cindy said...

It's so hard when they all of a sudden don't want to go to school isn't it. One of the job descriptions of being a mom is detective, I think. Good luck!

I talked with Ester Berry a few weeks ago about Ellsworth. I'm really like her a lot!

Chris said...

I had a similar problem with Ellie at the beginning of the year. She was upset for a couple of weeks about a boy scratching her backpack and then was just sobbing when I picked her up one day.

It would have been much easier to figure out if I could have gotten a straight story from her. She was embellishing as she went along I think. One disadvantage of being so caught up in playing make-believe.

Anyway, I talked to her teacher and she kept them away from each other in line for a week and then she came home and excitedly told me all about the new game she's playing in line where people scratch her backpack!

Chris said...

By the way...this is Heather, not Chris. Can't figure out my account.

Janae said...

School can be hard...especially when a long term sub is involved. Ava had one on and off awhile back. It was hard! Good luck...I hope things go smoother soon:)