Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

And we start out 2008 with another snow storm. I like the snow, especially when I am enjoying it from my warm and cozy home. We need a light outside our living room window, so I can watch the snow coming down in the evening. During these evenings, I often think of a lady professor I had in college who talked about watching the snow fall in the evenings out her big picture window in her living room as she had a fire going in her fireplace. That sounds so nice. I can't see the snow falling in the evenings very well and I want to, so that is a request of mine for our new house. :-)

Zoe and Emily are supposed to go back to school tomorrow, but it's looking like they may have a snow day instead. Zoe prayed for one this evening.

Zach's cold is getting worse. I thought he was going to be up all night last night, but after giving him some medicine around 11:30 he slept the rest of the night. He took a nap today, which is unusual for him. If we're home all day my kids, except for Kate stay up all day (which is how I get my kids to sleep at 7pm!), but if we go for a ride in the afternoon then Zach and Eleanor usually fall asleep. So when Zach wanted me to cuddle with him late this morning I knew he wasn't feeling good.

I escaped for about 3 hours this afternoon while Zach and Kate napped and the girls and Matt were outside. I went to play Phase 10 with my Mom. It's nice that we can play cards now and we don't have to take turns holding Kate.

I wasn't lazy this morning and I got Eleanor dressed. I asked her if I could do her hair and Zoe excitedly volunteered to do Eleanor's hair. Eleanor liked that idea and I did too since Zoe is much better at hair styling than I am. It was fun to watch Zoe braid Eleanor's hair and put barrettes in it. Eleanor always looks so cute with her hair up, but she never leaves it up for long, which is why I usually don't do her hair because it is a waste of time.

My kids have watched "The Island Princess" and "High School Musical 2" way too much this past week!

And I forgot to mention this last night, but as I was typing my last post Matt went into the bedroom to see what the commotion in there was about and came out to tell me that Eleanor was laying under her mattress (which is on the floor) and Emily was on top of the mattress surfing. No wonder Eleanor was making noise!


Kris said...

Happy New Year! it sounds like a nice holiday & Christmas vacation. I hope the new year brings you all the good things you are hoping for.

Dawn said...

You guys have sure had lots of snow already this winter. I'm glad you like it.

Have a wondeful 2008!