Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

When I started blogging, I didn't expect to "meet" such wonderful fellow bloggers. You are awesome and I appreciate your encouraging comments and I also enjoy reading your blogs. And I also appreciate family members who comment on my blog and tell me personally how much they appreciate being kept up to date. I needed this boost to continue blogging, so THANK YOU!

It is 7:14pm and the kids are in bed. It crossed my mind awhile ago to let the kids stay up tonight to welcome in the new year (those who could stay awake long enough), but I came to my senses today and realized that by 7pm I am more than ready for them to be in bed and to have adult time with Matt. I am so glad I never mentioned my silly idea to the kids! Especially since I have no desire to stay up that late myself. I think I'll be lucky to see 9pm.

Zoe is feeling better today. Emily woke up complaining of a sore throat, but she has been fine the rest of the day. I have been wiping Zach's nose all day.

This evening Zoe realized that it is Family Home Evening night as we were playing a game of Trouble (Matt, me, Zoe, and Emily). We were planning on visiting some friends this afternoon, so we didn't plan on our normal Family Home Evening for tonight. We didn't end up going to our friends' home because it has been snowing all day. So Zoe couldn't understand why it was Monday night and we weren't having our lesson, scripture, game, and treat. It's nice that our kids enjoy Family Home Evening and they look forward to it. We do need to get back into our routine since we didn't have it tonight, last week was Christmas Eve and we were at my parents' home, and the week before that we put up our Christmas tree.

Eleanor spent the day in her pajamas. She tends to get neglected in the morning when all the kids are home because she is busy playing and she hates to stop to get dressed and by the time I get Zach and Kate ready for the day, I don't have the energy to fight with Eleanor. I think she would be content to stay in her pajamas all the time. She was happy this evening when it was time to get pajamas on and she didn't have to change!

Kate had fun with the toilet paper this morning. Every once in a while she will venture into the bathroom and discover the roll of toilet paper on the floor, so she tears what she can into little pieces until someone catches her.

Matt got paid some money today, so we treated ourselves to Chinese food for a late lunch, early dinner. I must be feeling better because Chinese food actually sounded good, it tasted good, and I don't feel sick now. The kids always turn their noses up at Chinese food, so they ate tuna fish sandwiches and chips before Matt got back with the Chinese food. Matt and I were able to sit together and eat peacefully...except for Kate who was more than willing to try Chinese food and loved it of course!

So tomorrow is a new year. I love starting a new year! There are a few things I would like to improve on this year like being more consistent with Thank you cards (I'm good at birthday cards, but thank you cards have never been a strength) and I'd like to be more giving to people around me who are in need or who have special events going on in their lives. We are blessed so much by things our friends and family give to us and I want to help others more and let them know that I care and am thinking of them. Often times I will have a thought to do something, but I don't act on it because of finances or I think what I have to offer isn't good enough, so my goal this year is to make those thoughts happen.

I'm getting the feeling that 2008 is going to be a good year for us. I'd really like to end the child-bearing, trailer-living chapter of our lives and move into the raise the children we have, live in our new home chapter. I joke that my new year's resolution is to stop having babies (of course that would be after July!). I feel like if Matt sticks with his job and we are patient that things are going to start falling into place. I really hope that it works out that way. So here is to a great 2008! Cheers.

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Kristen said...

Oh my word how do you manage to get five kids to bed that early?! My kids are so still going strong at that time. I'm lucky to get the girls down by 8:30 and the boy in bed by 9:00!! Good grief. You need to come live with me for awhile and show me how it's done, supermama! ;-)