Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blessings & headaches

I had a good day with the kids today. I have been extremely calm and patient today, which I contribute to being blessed for Matt's church service. On a normal Saturday evening by bedtime after feeding and bathing the kids with Matt here, I am exhausted. But tonight I am still going strong here at 10pm and the fact that our bathroom was nearly flooded with bath water after the last bath, it didn't phase me. And Eleanor playing and talking during scripture reading, after telling her several times to zip her lips and listen, I didn't yell or get mad, although I did threaten to send her to bed before reading scriptures from now on. And after putting the younger kids to bed and Kate was asleep, Zach's screaming to be covered up...again and waking Kate up didn't put me over the edge (although I was getting closer). Yes, it was a good day.

My Dad picked Zoe and Emily up this morning for basketball practice. And when they got home 4 hours later, Emily had a headache. While I was talking with Aimee this evening (our Primary President who is a nurse), I told her about Emily's headaches and asked for her opinion. We talked about Emily's eyesight at first and she suggested Emily have an eye exam done. Zoe told me that the school nurse checked their vision at the beginning of the year, so I think I'll call the school and see if Emily's vision was checked and what the results were. None of Emily's teachers have had a concern about her vision and Emily has never complained about her eyesight, so I doubt there is a concern there, but I'll check. Then Aimee asked me if Emily had gone sledding and bumped her head. This made me think of ice skating last Saturday and a fall that Emily took where she hit her head on the ice. Aimee suggested she might have a slight concussion from the fall. The timing makes sense since it has been about a week since the headaches started. I realized that Emily's headache didn't start today until after basketball practice and wondered if Emily's headache yesterday was triggered from playing during morning recess before school began. Her head doesn't seem to bother her until late morning after she has been up and around for awhile. And after she has taken some Tylenol and has rested for awhile, she feels better and starts playing again, but then her head hurts at bedtime. Matt isn't convinced she has a concussion. His theory is a sinus headache. Both causes require a CT to diagnose. A CTScan we can't afford, but would hopefully get to the bottom of what's causing these headaches.


Kris said...

I'm glad you had such a good day! (except for the headache part... I hope you can get it figured out.)

Janae said...

Poor Emily! Headaches are really a huge annoyance. I hope she feels better soon. Our kids also get theirs eyes checked at school but, I have found this not a very reliable source. Ex- lots of kids, not very much time to spend with each kid...etc. The fall does sound suspicious. I hope she feels better soon! (Glad you had a good night:)