Friday, January 25, 2008

Odds & Ends

Kate has a thing for Zach's sippy cup. Whenever I give her milk in her own cup she tolerates it, but when she sees Zach's cup unattended, she rushes over to it and excitedly drinks from it. It's quite funny...although Zach doesn't find any humor in it. He quickly snatches his cup away whenever he sees Kate drinking from it. And then Kate gets mad. It will be interesting to see how well the two of them get along as they get older because they are not off to a good start. Most of the time Zach is doing what he can to make Kate's life miserable and Kate in return "talks back" and swats at him. Never a dull moment OR a peaceful moment with the two of them around in the same room!

Kate is done nursing. She has lost interest, and she doesn't like formula, so we are giving her milk. I think she's going to take after Zoe and be a water drinker because she'll drink a little bit of milk, but she mostly drinks water.

While reading our local paper awhile ago, this headline caught my attention..."Kindergarten sign-up". I'm anxious for Eleanor to start Kindergarten and she is anxious too, but it's weird to think that she is old enough to go next year! She seems younger and less ready than Zoe and Emily were at this age. Less ready in the fact that she has no interest in learning her letters and being able to write letters, which were strengths for both Zoe and Emily. But Eleanor will have her own strengths, right? I think Zach knows his letters better than Eleanor, so I guess that will be his strength too. Eleanor is going to be the social butterfly...I hope she will be able to sit still and be quiet long enough to learn something. I'm sure the parent/teacher conferences about her will be interesting! I'll have 3 in school and 3 at home. Weird.

I'm starting to feel the new baby moving around more and more. I'm going to miss this part of pregnancy. I love to feel the baby moving around in the womb!

And last, but not least I need to thank PJ here for my newest award (which I have been trying to put on my sidebar, but can't seem to remember how to make it fit like the others).

Xandra from Heart of Service has created this fun award. Here is what she says: "It's for blogs that I must read every day without fail . . . They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected every time you read a post..."

I would like to pass the award on to:
4 for Me
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These are all blogs that I keep updated on and feel like a slacker and so out of touch when I don't! (and PJ is on this list too, but since she already received the award and gave it to me, I will give her an honorable mention.) Keep up with the blogging my friends and continue to make me laugh, cry, think, and feel...I need it!


Dawn said...

Thanks so much for the Daily dose award. That is so sweet!

Your mom is good - I keep the kids all night whenever they need me, and have had the all afternoon thing since Feisty was born, but I can't remember doing it for an entire day with all of them. Now there will be 2 more!

I used to really like Stephanie Plum's books, but they just get so much sillier every time that I don't know if I'll keep reading them or not. She's has a crazy mind!! But they definitely are a quick read.

Cindy said...

That is so sweet of you! I love reading your blogs, too. It's definitely one of my "daily doses".

I was thinking about kindergarten sign-ups too. Noah will be starting next year. He just missed the deadline this year, but I think he needed the extra year. It seems very strange to me to have my baby starting Kindergarten.

I also loved feeling my babies moving while I was pregnant. I heard lots of women complain about how much their babies moved, but that was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant! And what a blessing it is, I think! I do miss that part of pregnancy. Enjoy it while you can!

Thanks again for the award!

mindyluwho said...

Thank you! You're on my list of daily doses too. I love keeping up with your family.

I loved feeling the baby move too, but that's the only part of pregnancy that I miss!

LaRae said...

Isn't feeling the baby move inside you the most amazing thing? I always love watching newborns move because I can just imagine them inside me, making the exact same movements.

Why does sibling rivalry have to arrive so early? But it does - doesn't it?

Happy Friday to you!

Janae said...

Thank you Joey! I feel so happy to recieve an award...especially considering I am not always the best blogger...I am trying harder this year. I want to have a complete record of life! The blog is the best for that:)