Saturday, January 05, 2008

Basketball, ice skating, & colds

I signed Zoe & Emily up for basketball today. Practices start next Saturday. Emily goes from 8-8:45 and Zoe goes from 10-11. Luckily my Dad enjoys watching the girls practice, so he's willing to help us out. Matt has a meeting all day next Saturday so instead of me taking all 5 kids to the practices, my Dad is willing to take Zoe & Emily. That will help make next Saturday easier for me.

I took Zoe, Emily, & Eleanor ice skating at our town's outdoor rink. The ice wasn't very thick and it was very bumpy, but the girls didn't care. Eleanor walked around on the ice with her boots, which she thought was lots of fun. I walked around in my boots too since I didn't take the time to dig my skates out of the closet. Maybe next time. If there is a next time...we have a habit of going ice skating once a winter, but maybe this winter will be different since it's only January whereas we usually go in February or March. The downside of ice skating is the best ice is during the very cold weather...when I'd rather be in my warm home.

I'm getting the cold and I'm not surprised. The kids are on their way to bed and I think I'm going to bed, too.


Dawn said...

We lived in International Falls, MN when I was a kid, for about 3 years. The thing to do after supper for all the kids was to go to the neighborhood rink and skate the evening away. I went because it was the social thing to do, but I hated the cold - I spent most of my time in the warming hut.

Kris said...

Did you like Meet the Robinsons? We just rented that on New Year's, I thought it was so cute. Keep moving forward!

I'm glad you made it a fun night... but bummer about the cold. I hope it goes away fast! You are such a great mom.