Saturday, January 26, 2008

Zach killed his first mouse

The computer mouse that is. Banging it against the keyboard shelf because your frustrated with the game you're playing will cause a malfunction. And then you can be mad that you can't get the mouse to go where you want it to! Matt saved our evening by bringing home a new mouse. Matt & I were able to watch the last 2 "Chuck" episodes of the season after the kids went to bed. It is one thing to not have the internet working, but to not be able to use the computer at all limits our activities. It was nice to see all the kids playing together at one point before Matt got home instead of having one of the kids on the computer with some of the other kids watching and other kids doing something else. They were actually ALL playing together and they were HAPPY. It was a sight to see.

This morning Zach was trying to tell me what he wanted, but I couldn't understand the word he was saying (lala). It sounded familiar, but I just could not figure it out. I wanted him to show me what he wanted, but he just came whining lala, lala. I asked Eleanor if she knew what Zach was saying and she had a light bulb moment and shouted, "Lula!". I didn't think that was it, but she ran into the bedroom searching for a sign of Lula and came back with the paper doll game and pointed to one of the girls on the front and said, "Lula!". That wasn't it, but she had fun going to the kitchen table and playing the game. I asked Zach if he was saying Dora, but I didn't think it was that either because he can say Dora and he was saying lala. I ended up putting a Dora movie in for him and that distracted him for a little while. Then he came into the kitchen, pointed to the umbrella, and said lala! Oh, you can't play with the umbrella inside the house, which is why the umbrella is in the kitchen from a previous confiscation. Mystery solved.

Eleanor's line of the day: "I'm so excited...because it's almost Christmas still!"

My gray hair became a topic around the dinner table last night. Emily was saying that when people are old enough to have a full head of gray hair then they are ready to die. The kids talked about Matt's graying hair and he was quick to point out that I am younger than him and I have more gray hair...which may or may not be true. Emily looked at my hair and said, " It's shiny"...which is her polite way of saying I'm going gray. And it is sadly true. I looked at myself in the mirror today and noticed that I look old, definitely older than I should at this age I think. So, any ideas on getting rid of gray hair without going to the salon and spending lots of money every few months for highlights or dying my hair? Are there any good home products out there? I don't want my hair to be shiny anymore...not a gray shine anyway.


Kris said...

Isn't it sad - and funny - when little kids just can't get their point across? They are so emphatic, saying the same unintelligible thing over and over! Frustrating for both sides!

Hopefully that will be Zach's first and LAST killed mouse!

Janae said...

It is so hard to try and figure out toddler talk. I really wish there was some sort of dictionary to help us moms out! Now, the shiny hair thing... ( what a nice daughter to put it so nicely). I agree that graying hair is one of the things that make us look older than we really are. I think there are some great over-the-counter remedies for pretty darn Good luck:)

Gabriela said...

Hey! thanks for the award-that's so nice of you. You know I love reading your blog everyday too (although sometimes I read 3 days worth in one day :) )

I hear ya on the grey hair. Grrrrr. I don't know what to tell you-I get mine hightlighted and that hides it-for a while. Let us know when you find something that works.

Gabriela said...

(and I'm glad it was a computer mouse!)

Katie said...

Ryan gets so frustrated on the computer too, he hasn't killed the mouse ever, but sometimes after he's done using it, when I hit the letter "b" like 7 "b"'s appear. Sorta annoying.