Monday, January 14, 2008

Sometimes I hate thinking of a title

Today was a good day at church. The kids were for the most part reverent during Sacrament meeting, except when Eleanor was whining because we weren't going over to my parents' house after church like I said we were going to, but plans changed (which is why I usually don't inform the kids of plans until it happens), and except when Zach had a short freak out because Eleanor took his book, but she quickly gave it back to him. I was well prepared for my sharing time during Primary and that went well. We talked about our premortal life, earth life, and life after death and I had taped a piece of paper under each chair telling which life each girl would be in during Sharing Time. Zoe and Emily were both in life after death, so I joked with them about how they were dead and now I would have less work to do...although a teacher pointed out that I would actually have more work without my older girls around, which is probably true. I'm glad I could call them back to earth after Sharing Time and they are still with me. :-)

Emily didn't have any headaches today and I think it's because she hasn't done any running around or playing today. I'm glad she felt good all day.

We always joke that Sunday is anything BUT a day of rest around here, but it IS a rest from TV (Dora, Barbie, High School Musical shows) and from the kids playing on the computer and from active play. It's nice that we have trained our kids to know that Sunday is different from every other day and they know not to ask to watch their movies or play on the computer (although either Emily or Eleanor wished this morning that the Webkinz sight had a church so they could play it on Sunday). It is truly a rest from our routine. Some Sundays are longer than others trying to fill up time with quiet activities, but the break from TV and computer noise is nice. It's also a day when I don't think about bills and our phone is not ringing with SallieMae on the other end trying to get a hold of Matt, who won't talk to them and tells me to talk to them, but I'm not on the account so I know that's not going to get very far.

Another thing I have been thinking about this evening, which Matt and I talk about every so often is the fact that I have been pregnant a part of every.single.year since 1998. Isn't that weird? And twice in 2007! That is even crazier! I was also thinking that this could very well be my last pregnancy, so I don't want to take any of this fun part of pregnancy for granted. I want to enjoy it. I am feeling good and the excitement and anticipation of having a baby to cuddle with this summer has hit...although I do realize that I still have many weeks to go and really that's okay because I am liking my sleep and I need Zach and Kate to outgrow their competition for my attention in the next 5 1/2 months.

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